Be Courageous it's Classy

"Courage is a form of being Confident and not conforming to the below standards."

~Crystal Cunningham~ 

Speak it & Create It- Vision Board Luncheon Empowerment -2015

We going to make 2015 the best year, this moment is vital to your next level. You have to seize this moment and maximize the door that has just opened for you! You might have thought that your struggles, setbacks was here to stay but NO they have been positioned to launch you into the deep and greater things to come. 

The hidden treasure I have discovered I MUST share it with you. Let me help you uncover the importance of not only writing the vision but SPEAKING it which helps create the very thing you and I have been seeking. This hidden treasure will help you focus on steps to make your "Vision" a reality!  Don't miss this opportunity to make the connection to the future you have Envisioned!.   

Hats Heels & Lipstick 1st Women's Empowerment-2015 

This is ONE event you DO NOT want to MISS! 

Hats Heels & Lipstick is a movement that exposes all the hidden emotions, thoughts and words that hinder your life. Come join, be my guest as we "remove the cover ups we wear". Let us help you gain a new 'hattitude', healing strategies, elevation and liberation tips, so you can POWER WALK into your BEST life. 


Crystal Cunningham-Enterprise